Gap-fill exercise
Doplňovací cvičení

Doplň správné tvary sloves "to be - am, is, are" nebo "to have got - have got, has got".
Stlač "Check" pro kontrolu odpovědí. Použij "Hint" pro nápovědu (pozor: ztrácíš body!).
1. My friend two sisters.
2. Jackie tall and slim.
3. I eleven.
4. They Art on Tuesday.
5. My favourite animal a tiger.
6. Tigers orange and black stripes.
7. Elephants the biggest land animals.
8. A penguin a black and white bird.
9. Her eyes blue.
10. Sarah long brown hair.
11. We a big sofa in the living room.
12. Peter´s house new.
13. I twelve posters.
14. Our parents on holiday.
15. There a blue pencil next to the book.
16. there monkeys in the ZOO?
17. We happy.
18. It hot and sunny.
19. What your telephone number?
20. You a very nice skirt.