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Help File

This is a brief help file to help you use this chat application.
Chatting is simple, all you have to do is type your message in the textbox under the chat display area and then either hit enter or click on the submit button.
You can also use emoticons in your message, do so by clicking on their picture. They also have their own text shortcuts which you will see entered when you click on one. e.g.
Tongue Shortcut: ':P'
Sad Shortcut: ':('
As of this release (v1.0.1) There are 2 admin options available.
To access these you must click on the administration button in the bottom right hand section of this application and then enter the correct password.

Clear: This option clears all messages and logged in users, they will be required to re-enter chat.
Trim: This will remove all the old messages from the database that can't be seen anymore so that it doesnt get too large. Note that the number of messages it trims to will depend on the amount of chat messages you have set to display.

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